Professional Liability Insurance for EMS-Certified CPR, AED and First Aid Instructors

Insurance for CPR, AED and First Aid Instructors –
Endorsed by EMS Safety Services

In the more than two decades that EMS Safety Services has been providing emergency and health training, they have been dedicated to improving lives and making people safer.

EMS strives to offer its instructors everything they need to become prepared, trained and ready to perform for any emergency. That’s why the company has negotiated with Lockton Affinity to make Lockton Health Professional Liability Insurance available to EMS-certified instructors at competitive rates.

This insurance offers personal protection to health and safety trainers and educators who may find themselves vulnerable to a lawsuit or claim in the course of their work. No matter how accomplished you are as an instructor, your reputation and personal finances could be at risk, even if a claim is unjustified. Without Professional Liability Insurance, resolving claims can be expensive and time-consuming.

Even if you have some insurance coverage through your employer, it’s recommended that health and safety instructors have personal protection to pick up where their employer’s policy leaves off. That way you can choose how much coverage you need and your coverage travels with you no matter where you work.

EMS-endorsed Professional Liability Insurance is available for full-time or part-time, employed or self-employed trainers.

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