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Your role as a Medical Director is instrumental to the success of a health care practice. From implementing policies, creating health care plans, and managing and organizing your medical team, you assume many responsibilities in order to ensure that your medical practice is delivering quality care.

Whether your job includes face time with patients or not, your responsibilities, and the standards you’re held to in this dynamic profession, also come with great liabilities. As the overseer of a health care team, the work you do touches each and every patient in some form. If a patient suffers an adverse outcome, or makes a claim of negligence against the facility, you could be held accountable.

Medical Directors Liability Insurance Protects You

For this reason, it’s important that Medical Directors have Professional Liability Insurance in place. It protects you in that moment when your professional services, or the facility’s standard of care, is questioned. Just one malpractice claim, whether justified or not, can be devastating—costing days away from work and thousands of dollars in legal expenses.

Even if you’re covered by an employer’s liability policy, you can’t depend on the coverage to protect you personally. It’s usually a shared limit for all employees and serves the needs of the employer first, before the employees. With a Professional Liability Insurance policy in your name, you get full personal protection at a level of coverage that you choose.

A personal insurance policy is especially necessary if you work for more than one care facility. It affords you portable coverage that covers you no matter where you’re working.

No matter the size of the health care facility or team you manage, having your own personal Medical Directors Liability Insurance helps protect your financial well-being and shows your fellow medical team you take your career seriously.

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(Professional Liability Insurance policies for Medical Directors are not currently available for purchase online).

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