The Importance of Continuous Professional Liability Insurance

As a responsible health professional, having continuous professional liability insurance throughout the duration of your career is an important way to protect you, your career and your livelihood. Most professional liability insurance policies are claims-made policies. This means your policy will only cover claims against you for incidents that occurred while the policy was active.

You’ve likely heard why assisted living nurses need Professional Liability Insurance. While additional insurance coverage may seem unnecessary and expensive, it is critical to protect yourself and your career. Professional Liability Insurance from Lockton Health is tailored specifically to meet the needs of AALNA members and coverage from Lockton Health is more affordable than you may

Developing good rapport with patients

As a health care professional, it’s important for you to establish good communication and trust with your patients. Studies have shown that patient satisfaction and health outcomes are both affected by whether patients feel that the people caring for them are sensitive to their needs and empathize with them. The Press Ganey National Hospital Priority

I'm sorry laws and lawsuit risk

Miscommunication or poor communication between health care providers and patients or their families—particularly in the event of an adverse outcome or incident—is known to result in increased numbers of malpractice lawsuits. When health care providers have the opportunity to express condolences or apologies to patients and families without fear of having those words used against

Legal Liability for Bioethicists

The field of bioethics is responsible for many of the legal protections extended to medical patients and research subjects. The Hippocratic Oath can be thought of as a precursor to the issues that bioethicists deal with every day, and modern medicine has introduced many new considerations that ancient physicians could never have dreamed of. Some

Liability Risks for Speech-Language Pathology Professionals

If you work in the field of speech-language pathology or speech therapy, you might think that you are at low risk of a malpractice lawsuit. However, as the scope of services provided in the speech-language pathology field broadens and our society becomes increasingly litigious, there is always a chance that a practitioner might face a

Organizational strategies to reduce work stress for health care professionals

Work stress is an unfortunate reality of much of the health care industry. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of the Centers for Disease Control has been studying workplace stress for almost two decades, and many of their proposed solutions revolve around organizational changes. Although there are steps that health care workers

Addressing liability risks for physical therapists

Physical therapy malpractice claims have been rising over the past several decades, and that trend is expected to continue. Advance Healthcare Network cites a statistic from the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) Summary for 2010 that there were 1,014 malpractice claims made against physical therapists over the previous 20 years. A study of more than

Reducing laboratory errors

Lab testing forms the basis for many aspects of diagnosis and treatment. This means that test-related errors can have serious repercussions. A study from ECRI Patient Safety Organization found that the majority of errors related to lab testing took place outside the laboratory itself. Common errors included: Mislabeled specimens Specimens with an incomplete or missing

Medical liability terminology for health care professionals

You probably learned basic legal terminology while you were getting your degree and other training, but if you are ever involved in a malpractice lawsuit or claim, you may find yourself overwhelmed by unfamiliar words and phrases. Here is a glossary that covers many of the legal and insurance terms you might hear in relation