Professional Liability Insurance for Bioethicists

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bioethicist liability insuranceAs a Bioethicist, you deal with sensitive issues every day. From helping patients through difficult decisions regarding their course of treatment to aiding other health care professionals with tough decisions in their jobs, your moral expertise is pursued and respected.

What you may not realize is your authority in helping others “do the right thing” can open you up to claims of negligence or malpractice. Just distraught patient who regrets a decision can put you in the midst of a legal battle you never thought possible—affecting your career, your reputation and costing you thousands of dollars.

Personal Coverage

While you may be covered by Bioethicist Liability Insurance through an employer, most likely that coverage doesn’t provide enough protection for you personally to defend against a claim. The best choice for professionals in the field of bioethics is to obtain a personal Bioethicist Professional Liability Insurance policy, to give you control over coverage and cost, and peace of mind no matter where you practice.

You can buy this comprehensive and affordable Professional Liability Insurance online in minutes, and you’ll get your policy and proof of coverage via email once your purchase has been confirmed. We make it that easy!

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