Professional Liability Insurance for Biofeedback Practitioners

We Protect Biofeedback Practitioners

biofeedback liability insuranceAs a Biofeedback, Photonic Therapy, Light Energy or Light Therapy Practitioner, your interest in alternative techniques and the application of non-invasive treatments and therapies is all for the betterment of your patients. Your desire to alleviate chronic pain for those who suffer speaks to your kind nature.

But unfortunately, no matter how trained you are, how kind you are, or how successful your treatments may be, as a health care provider the threat of being sued is real. Even just one claim against you—an allegation of misconduct during a session or an undesired result from one of your treatments—can be detrimental to your career and cost thousands of dollars to defend, even if you’re not at fault.

Your Best Defense

That’s why you need your own personal Professional Liability Insurance. Regardless of where you work—a hospital, clinic or for a private organization—Professional Liability Insurance protects you for the work you do. It covers the cost of legal fees to defend you, and judgments or settlements as a result of claims and lawsuits against you.

And while your employer may cover you for your liabilities, it’s likely limited coverage that doesn’t provide full protection for your needs. With your own Professional Liability policy you can ensure continuous protection at the level of coverage you can rest easy with.

This comprehensive and affordable Professional Liability coverage is the smart choice for Biofeedback, Light Energy and Light Therapy Professionals. You can buy online in minutes and you’ll get your policy and proof of coverage via email once your purchase has been confirmed. We make it that easy!

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