Professional Liability Insurance for Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapists

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Rehabilitation & Occupational Liability InsuranceThe therapies and treatments you administer are indispensable in helping people live normal, independent lives. The care and guidance you provide can often make you seem like family.

Despite your best intentions to provide the best care for your clients, sometimes things don’t go as planned. In the often intimate, hands-on work you do with your patients, you’re vulnerable to accusations of abuse, negligence or other misconduct, even from your closest clients. It doesn’t seem possible, until a patient in your care acts beyond his ability and something goes terribly wrong.

Coverage for Your Risks

Whether you work in a private practice, a hospital, school or other facility, having your own Occupational Liability Insurance policy is your surest protection against claims stemming from your professional services. And while you may be afforded liability coverage through an employer, in most cases, it doesn’t provide adequate protection for you personally if you are defending yourself against a claim. A single claim can cost thousands of dollars, interrupt your ability to continue working, and tarnish your reputation—even if you’re innocent. It’s not a risk worth taking.

You can buy this affordable and comprehensive Rehabilitation and Occupational Liability Insurance online in a matter of minutes, and you’ll receive your policy and proof of coverage via email. We make it easy to protect yourself from damaging affects of a malpractice claim!

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