Professional Liability Insurance for Speech/Language Pathologists

We Protect Speech Pathologists, Speech Therapists and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners

Speech Pathology Liability Insurance“Communication is key,” as the saying goes. But for people with speech impairments, communicating can be a real challenge. That’s where you come in. Your expertise as a Speech Pathologist, Speech Therapist or Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, in helping individuals overcome those challenges by improving their speech, is highly regarded.

Sure, you can count on your education and clinical experience to successfully treat your patients. But if you’re ever accused of misconduct or negligence during a treatment, education and experience won’t do a thing to stop a disgruntled patient from suing you. Just one claim against you can mean thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, threaten your career and take significant time away from work to defend.

This is Your Coverage

Even if you’re covered under an employer’s liability insurance, you can’t always depend on the coverage for the full, personal protection you’ll get with a Speech Pathology Liability Insurance policy in your name.

This Professional Liability Insurance is designed exclusively for Speech Pathologists, Speech Therapists and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners. It provides coverage for the cost of legal fees and judgments or settlements, and it pays for lost wages, too. It’s the surest way to protect your good name!

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