Professional Liability Insurance for Laboratory and Pathology Technicians

We Protect Laboratory and Pathology Technicians

Laboratory & Pathologist Liability InsuranceAs a Laboratory or Pathology Technician being detail-oriented is a fundamental part of the job. While you may not work directly with patients, your careful examination and accurate analysis are a vital part of providing personalized care and successful treatment.

While it may seem unlikely that you’d personally be named in a malpractice lawsuit, it can still happen. Despite your training and knowledge, just one misstep could lead to an incorrect course of treatment for a patient…and you could find yourself caught up in litigation you never thought possible.

Cover Your Risks

The best protection to preserve your job as a Laboratory or Pathology professional is with Laboratory & Pathologist Liability Insurance. Regardless of what kind of laboratory you work in, Professional Liability Insurance protects you. It covers defense costs and judgments or settlements as a result of litigation brought against you. It also pays you a daily reimbursement for lost wages while defending yourself in court.

While it’s common for health care professionals to be covered under an employer-sponsored insurance policy, oftentimes these policies don’t provide the adequate limits employees truly need to be fully personally protected. With your own Professional Liability policy you can ensure your full coverage, so you can work with peace of mind.

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