Professional Liability Insurance for Opticians

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Optician Liability InsuranceAs an Optician or Optician’s Assistant, you’re front and center helping customers find solutions to see better and look their best. It doesn’t seem possible that someone in your line of work could be sued, does it? You’ve chosen a very customer service-oriented profession, after all.

But in this age where people are quick lay blame, even Opticians are being sued. Working one-on-one with the public actually increases your risk of allegations against your services, even by a patient who was admittedly pleased at the time of care.

Coverage for You

The best protection against a malpractice claim, whether justified or not, is your own Optician Liability Insurance policy. Professional Liability Insurance provides coverage for the cost of legal fees, and judgments or settlements that result from claims or lawsuits against you, plus money for lost wages.

Most Opticians don’t realize that any Professional Liability coverage their Optometry office—even large chains—may provide doesn’t provide enough protection to defend you personally. Whether you work full-time or part-time, having your own Optician Liability policy will help you defend yourself from injury or malpractice claims by a dissatisfied customer, and will ensure you can continue the work you enjoy. It’s coverage you hope you never use, but you’ll be glad to have if you need it.

This Professional Liability Insurance is designed just for Opticians and Optician Assistants. You can buy this comprehensive and affordable coverage online in minutes, and you’ll get your policy and proof of coverage via email. We make it that easy!

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