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Health & Safety Education Liability InsuranceAs a Health & Safety Educator, you’re teaching life-saving skills that keep our communities alive and well. You’re a behind-the-scenes hero! But whether you’re a CPR or AED Trainer, First Aid Instructor, Safety Educator or train professional first-responders, your job as an instructor can put you at risk.

In that critical moment of applying life-saving techniques, even the simplest mistake can cause the unthinkable to happen. And that’s where as a trainer you can be held liable, even months beyond the training you provided. No matter how precise you are in your instruction or how careful your demonstration, a claim can be made against you for malpractice or sexual harassment when you least expect it.

Essential Coverage for Your Profession

Your best protection against these risks is with Safety Education Liability Insurance — it’s essential coverage any Health & Safety Trainer or Educator shouldn’t go without. Even if you’re covered by an employer, like a fire department or hospital, chances are you’re not insured for any work you do outside of your primary employment. With your own Professional Liability policy you’re covered no matter where you work, and with limits and coverage that ensure you’re personally protected.

Buy comprehensive and affordable coverage tailor-made for Health & Safety Educators online in minutes. Your coverage starts immediately, so you can work with peace of mind.

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