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Respiratory Therapy Liability InsuranceWhen you’re a Respiratory Therapist your focus is helping people breathe easy. From the very youngest patients to the very old, the variety of applications you use to provide respiratory care is based on science and good clinical technique.

In spite of your best practices and following strict protocols in your treatments, your job as a health care professional puts you at risk of a lawsuit. A claim of negligence or sexual harassment can be made against you when you least expect it.

Ensures Your Full Protection

In that critical moment, the best protection is a Respiratory Therapy Liability Insurance policy. While you may be covered through an employer, that policy likely excludes coverage if a claimant solely names you in a lawsuit. A personal policy at limits you choose ensures your full protection.

So regardless of where you practice—a hospital, skilled nursing facility, wellness center or anywhere else—Respiratory Therapy Liability Insurance covers you for the risks of your job as a Respiratory Therapist. It provides protection for defense costs and judgments or settlements as a result of a lawsuit, and reimburses you for lost wages.

Don’t jeopardize your career. With a Professional Liability Insurance in your name you can breathe easy.

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