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radiology liability insuranceYou’ve worked hard to become a Radiologist: years of medical school, a residency and hours of licensing exams culminated with the day you began treating patients as a licensed Radiologist. It’s an achievement to be proud of.

Despite your training and education, it’s no secret that as a medical professional the risk of malpractice is real. Just one simple mistake or allegation of misconduct can spiral out of control—and you’re named in a lawsuit. Even if you’re cleared of any wrongdoing, the costs to defend yourself against such allegations can escalate into the thousands of dollars.

Security of Personal Coverage

The best protection to preserve your career in Radiology, your finances, and your good name is personal Professional Liability Insurance. Regardless of where you practice—a hospital, clinic, or for a private organization—Professional Liability Insurance protects you. It covers defense costs and judgments or settlements as a result of litigation.

You should know that while it’s common for health care professionals to be covered under an employer-sponsored insurance policy, oftentimes these policies don’t provide the adequate limits degreed health care professionals need to be fully personally protected. Even Radiology students are at risk. With your own Professional Liability policy you can ensure continuous protection at a level of coverage you can rest easy with.

You’ve worked hard to get here. Don’t let the adverse effects of a claim against you threaten the end of your career—secure up to $4,000,000 of aggregate Professional Liability Insurance today.

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