Professional Liability Insurance for Counselors and Therapists

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Counselors and Therapists Liability InsuranceYou’ve found your calling in helping others—it’s truly a selfless profession. From Family Therapists to School Counselors and every specialty in between, counseling and administering therapy has great rewards. Unfortunately, it also holds great liabilities.

Despite all your best intentions and how objective you are in your counseling, you must be prepared to face the unexpected. Claims are filed against Counselors and Therapists every day, for all sorts of reasons. In fact, Counselors and Therapists face a greater risk of being sued than ever before.

Professional Liability Insurance Protects You in That Moment

A single claim or allegation against you, whether justified or not, can be devastating—days away from work, thousands of dollars in legal expenses, not to mention a tarnished reputation. So whether you have a private practice, work in a hospital, school, rehabilitation facility or anywhere else, having your own Counselors and Therapists Liability Insurance helps you defend yourself from the professional risks you face in your job, and shows your clients you take your profession seriously.

This Professional Liability Insurance is designed just for Counselors and Therapists. You can buy this comprehensive and affordable coverage online in minutes and you’ll get your policy and proof of coverage via email once your purchase has been confirmed. We make it that easy!

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