Professional Liability Insurance for Audiologists

Protection for Audiologists

audiologist liability insuranceFrom determining a course of treatment for a patient with a balance disorder to performing standard hearing screenings in an elementary school, your passion is to help your patients hear with clarity.

And while your education and clinical experience help you successfully treat your patients, dealing with one of the fundamental human senses makes you more vulnerable to the threat of malpractice claims against you. Even a minor misstep can be devastating—to your career, your reputation and your pocketbook. Legal fees and defense costs alone cost thousands.

Your Safeguard

The best protection against a malpractice claim, whether warranted or not, is your own Audiologist Liability Insurance policy. Professional Liability Insurance provides coverage for the cost of legal fees, and judgments or settlements that result from claims or lawsuits against you. It’s coverage you hope to never use, but you’ll sure be glad to have if you need it.

We make it easy to buy Professional Liability coverage! You can get a quote, apply and buy a policy online in minutes. Your coverage starts immediately, so you can work with peace of mind.

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