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Ulta Lab Tests: know your health, one lab test at a time!Insurance for Ulta Lab Tests Members

If you’re a member of the Ulta Lab Tests network, you’re playing a significant role in helping communities better manage their health care and stay healthy. And even though your job is to promote the optimal wellness of your patients, it still comes with risks. Ulta Lab Tests understands the risks of the nursing and phlebotomy professions, and it’s why they’ve partnered with Lockton Affinity to offer a comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance plan for their members.

Professional Liability Insurance Protects You

As a Nurse or Phlebotomist, protecting your reputation and your financial well-being from the implications of a malpractice claim against you is a must. Malpractice claims against health care professionals are on the rise…practitioners are finding themselves involved in litigation against the health care facility where they’re employed, or in defense of their own performance. With a Professional Liability policy from the Ulta Lab Tests program, you’re protected for the work you do administering health screenings, lab testing and health coaching, as well as all of your patient-facing tasks. 

Lowest rates for Nurses Professional Liability—Through the Ulta Lab Tests program, member Nurses can secure the best annual rates available for Professional Liability Insurance, starting as low as:

Member Phlebotomists also benefit from competitive rates. And both professions can purchase this valuable coverage in under 15 minutes utilizing our fully-integrated website. Because we’re able to deliver an insurance policy that’s designed for your needs both quickly and accurately, you can work with confidence knowing that you have the coverage you need should the unexpected happen.

Broad Coverage—You won't sacrifice great coverage in order to benefit from our low rates. The Professional Liability coverage offered through the Ulta Lab Tests program is equivalent to other coverage in the market today and is backed by the financial strength of an insurance company rated “A” by A.M. Best. You’ll get coverage for:

Plus, Nurses have the option to choose either an occurrence or claims-made policy, depending on the type of coverage desired.

Buy Online at Your Convenience—Our simple online buying process enables you to get a quote, apply and purchase your insurance policy in just a few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once your purchase is complete, your policy will be delivered to you via email, which means you can begin caring for your patients with peace of mind.

If you’re passionate about your health care career, protect it today with this Professional Liability Insurance for Nurses and Phlebotomists. Select your profession from the drop down menu at the right to get started today.