Why you need personal Professional Liability Insurance

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Health Professional Liability Insurance is insurance coverage that’s made to protect professionals who provide medical services or give health- and wellness-related opinions as a means to earn a living. In today’s litigious society, going without this type of insurance can be a sure misstep.

What are the chances of me getting sued?

Even if you’re vigilant in the care you provide, have healthy patient relationships and would never intentionally harm a client, the reality is that any dissatisfied client can make a claim that you were negligent in your treatment or made an inappropriate advance. You simply cannot ignore that anyone can allege virtually anything—and sue you. Sometimes being careful just isn’t enough—all it takes is for a patient to feel they weren’t given the attention they wanted and suing is a means of retribution.

You don’t even have to be the primary defendant to be pulled in to a legal suit. When people sue, they often name anyone they believe was involved in the situation—whether truly warranted or not. This could include you, your practice and your associates.

Am I protected through work?

Depending on the scope of services being rendered, some health care groups may name their employees on the facility’s Professional Liability Insurance policy. It’s important to know that even if you are issued some coverage by an employer, it may fall short in fully protecting you as an individual if you are accused of negligence in your work. Securing a Professional Liability policy in your own name is your safest assurance to protect your personal interests.

Your personal interests at risk.

Your time. Regardless of guilt or innocence, legal proceedings can take months, if not years, to settle. That can mean time away from your practice in discovery and court—time not serving your clients. A personal Professional Liability policy will pay you for lost wages for days spent away from work due to litigation.

Your finances. Even if you are absolved of any wrongdoing, the costs to defend yourself are outstanding. From discovery to settlement, legal fees cost thousands, consuming your savings and racking up unwanted debt. With Professional Liability you can choose limits up to $4,000,000 to cover these expenses.

Your career. In a health care, medical or wellness field, reputation can mean everything. Word that you’re defending a case of negligence can seriously tarnish your reputation and the image you’ve worked hard to build. Securing Professional Liability Insurance says you take your profession seriously and you’ll stand ready to protect your good name.

Coverage you can count on.

It’s true…sometimes mistakes in care do happen. As long as any errors you make in your work are not intentional or criminal in nature, Professional Liability Insurance will cover you.

Following the strict protocols of your discipline is essential to be successful, and is your best defense against unwarranted accusations. Buying a personal Professional Liability Insurance helps you be prepared, and protected, if a claim is made against you.

Lockton Health Professional Liability Insurance is tailored for health care, medical and wellness professions. Coverage is available for full-time or part-time, employed or self-employed professionals, and even students in training. It’s coverage you hope to never use, but don’t want to be caught without. Explore Lockton Health Professional Liability Insurance coverage today.