Liability Concerns for Health and Safety Educators

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Liability concerns for health and safety educators

As an educator specializing in health and safety education, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re sending people out into the world to potentially save lives. Whether you provide first aid, CPR, AED or other related training, your professional advice and expertise is unquestionably valuable.

The flip side is that the life-or-death nature of your field can expose you to malpractice liability claims if a former student injures someone while using a technique you taught. No matter how experienced you are as an instructor, there’s always a chance that someone could claim that you were negligent in the way you provided training.

Other liability concerns can also come into play during your training sessions. If someone trips and falls on their way into a class or gets injured using a piece of training equipment, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit.

Your professional authority may have some ramifications when it comes to actions you personally take as an emergency first aid provider. The Cardiac Arrest Survival Act (CASA) provides some AED users with Good Samaritan legal liability immunity from harm resulting from the use or attempted use of the device; however, this immunity does not apply to AED trainers.

These are some of the reasons that many companies hiring health and safety educators will require you to carry Professional Liability Insurance.

Fortunately,  Safety Education Liability Insurance from Lockton Health is quite affordable and easy to purchase online in minutes. It’s comprehensive personal coverage that applies to you wherever you work or volunteer, and you may be eligible for discounts and special benefits if you belong to an eligible group or association.