Professional Liability Insurance for International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) Members

Professional Liability Insurance for IICT Members

Insurance from IICTSince its inception in 2002, The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) has grown to serve the largest grouping of natural health therapies and modalities in the world. If you’re one of IICT’s 9,000+ members, you’re part of a community that’s not restricted by the nuances common to many associations, but one that encompasses and supports an extensive breadth of natural health practitioners.

IICT recognizes that Professional Liability Insurance is a necessary component to any health care practitioner or therapist’s livelihood, and that’s why they’ve chosen to make access to it one of the core benefits of membership. Because of their vision to expand internationally, they’ve formed a partnership with Lockton Affinity to serve the insurance needs of natural health practitioners here in the U.S.

Essential Protection for Therapists

The professional risks of health care providers are tangible—natural health specialties included. Close and personal work with clients and patients can put you at risk for allegations of misconduct (including sexual misconduct) no matter how cautious you are while performing your job. Even your most valued clients can be compelled to file a claim against you if they feel they’ve been wronged in some way. A personal Professional Liability Insurance policy gives you the financial protection you need to defend yourself against such allegations.

Check out the great benefits you get with a Professional Liability policy through the IICT-endorsed program:

Additionally, personal Professional Liability Insurance for IICT members allows you to choose the amount of coverage you need to fit your personal level of risk, including the costs of defending a claim, and any settlements you are found obligated to pay. Plus, it pays you for income you lose because of time spent away from work attending legal proceedings.

This is protection you can’t afford to be without.

Get a Free Quote with Personal Service

IICT members in the U.S. can get a free, no-obligation quote for their personal Professional Liability Insurance. Simply complete and submit an application or call our service team at (800) 253-5486 for assistance. If your modality is one of the many we cover, we’ll get you set up with the coverage you need. Once the insurance premium is paid, we’ll send your policy to you via email so you can practice with peace of mind.

(Please note: Insurance policies for IICT members are not currently available for purchase online. Click Here to download an application for coverage.)