Non-owned auto webinar
Many companies may not realize they have an auto liability exposure when employees drive their own vehicles for company business. Companies may be charged with negligent entrustment if they do not follow good driver selection procedures. This webinar provides an in-depth understanding of negligent entrustment and non-owned auto exposures, and how you can minimize your exposure to such claims. View webinar: Understanding

Improving Medication Accuracy

improving medication accuracy
Medication errors are a common safety risk for patients, particularly those who are hospitalized. According to the Institute of Medicine’s 2006 Preventing Medication Errors report, the average hospitalized patient is subject to at least one medication error per day, of which 20 percent are believed to be harmful. These errors are more frequent in relation
EMR software
As electronic medical records (EMR) software becomes ubiquitous in the medical field, there are increasing concerns about the effects of having a computer terminal in the exam room on interactions between health care providers and patients. A recent study from Northwestern University published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics found that doctors who use
health and safety institute
Lockton Affinity has partnered with an outstanding group of professional organizations to create Professional Liability Insurance programs for their members. One of these organizations is the Health & Safety Institute, known as HSI. HSI is a world leader in emergency response, care and safety training and has achieved some astounding success in their 36 year