Why Every NBCC Member Needs Professional Liability Insurance

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insurance for NBCC members

Lockton Affinity has partnered with an outstanding group of professional organizations to create Professional Liability Insurance programs for their members. One of these organizations is the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). Lockton’s partnership with NBCC began in 2004 and since then, the program has flourished as a first-rate benefit for National Certified Counselors, with more than 3,000 NBCC members insured today.

The Counselors enrolled in our program understand the need for Professional Liability Insurance, but that’s not the case for all Counselors out there. Often the inclusion of ethics and “best practices” coursework in counseling curriculums, coupled with years free of any malpractice issues, cause Counselors to incorrectly conclude that they don’t need Professional Liability Insurance. Of course they don’t plan to do anything to jeopardize their career, so they consciously neglect to purchase this coverage.

But the reality is, anyone who interacts with clients―as a professional in an educational or clinical environment, or even as a student working on their graduate studies―needs Professional Liability Insurance.

Counseling involves intimate work with people in a very private setting, which can open up practitioners to accusations of misconduct and negligence. These allegations are common in the case of client suicide or injury, and there have also been cases brought against therapists by distressed patients for terminating their counselor-patient relationship. Even high school guidance counselors have been sued by students rejected for scholarships who claim the counselor didn’t properly advise them. Imagine what sorts of claims are made by patients and their families undergoing counseling for more intense mental health or personal issues.

Simply put, Professional Liability Insurance is a safeguard against the expenses that a claim or lawsuit entail, which can easily mount into the thousands of dollars. No one plans or expects to be sued, but in the event it happens, you’ll be financially prepared if you have Professional Liability Insurance.

The level of protection offered through the NBCC-endorsed program is second-to-none, and is available at very affordable rates. When you consider the cost of defending a claim to the cost of insurance, you’ll see that with a Professional Liability Insurance policy, you get an immense value for your money spent.

Here are the rates for NBCC-endorsed Professional Liability Insurance:

  • A full-time, employed Counselor can get a $1,000,000/$3,000,000 annual policy for $75-$125, depending on the area of emphasis
  • Self-employed counselors, working full-time, can buy a policy starting at $142/year
  • Coverage for grad students is very low cost—a first-year policy for a graduate students is only $18; second year coverage is just $20

We take pride in offering a Professional Liability program for Counselors that resonates with NBCC’s vision and has earned their endorsement. Read more about our NBCC-endorsed Professional Liability Insurance program and other helpful tips to successfully manage your career.