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Nurses Liability InsuranceFrom preventive care to treatment of every ailment known to man, the scope of services nurses perform is remarkable. As one of the most respected and fastest-growing professions, nursing is also an occupation that’s seen an increase in malpractice claims in recent years. Patients who experience an adverse result from their treatment can be quick to lay blame on the entire health care team. If you find yourself in that situation, you’ll want the sense of security that comes from knowing your career is well protected.

The easiest way to ensure that sense of security is with Nurses Liability Insurance. A personal Professional Liability Insurance policy gives you coverage that protects you if you are named in a malpractice claim.

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Our annual rates for Nurses Liability Insurance are the lowest available on the market, starting as low as:

And, you won't sacrifice great coverage to get our low rates. Our competitive prices are possible because of our fully-automated online system where you can get a quote and buy your insurance in under 15 minutes. For you, that means less time waiting for a quote and your policy to be mailed to you, and it allows us to deliver you an insurance policy designed for your needs, both quickly and accurately.

Our team of licensed Customer Service Representatives are available by phone when you need them, but this convenient transaction approach allows us to deliver quality coverage, at a price you're willing to pay.

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The coverage you get with our Nurses Liability Insurance is second to none. Your policy is backed by the financial strength of an insurance company rated "A" by A.M. Best, and affords you comprehensive coverage for many unique risks Nurses face today, like:

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You can get a quote, apply and purchase your Nurses Professional Liability Insurance policy from our website, with ease, 24 hours a day. And when your purchase is complete, we'll send your policy to you via email immediately! Select your group or association from the menu at the right to get started.

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*Coverage is not available in Florida, New Hampshire, and New York.