Professional Liability Insurance for Dieticians and Nutritionists

The Protection Dietitians and Nutritionists Need

Nutritionist and Dietitian Liability InsuranceHealth and wellness isn’t just a trend in your book…it’s your passion, and your profession. You advise others in proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices to achieve health-related goals.

With the increased focus on obesity and other diseases caused by poor diet comes a growing demand for the types of services that Dietitians and Nutritionists provide. From corporations sponsoring wellness and prevention programs to long-term care facilities designing patient-specific meal plans or schools serving healthier choices in the lunch line, the breadth of food-related solutions is expanding. All this adds up to greater liabilities for your profession.

But with wellness at the heart of your job, it may seem quite unlikely that you would be sued for the professional guidance you provide. Sadly, in an age where people are quick to sue, you can be.

Whether you’re self-employed or work in a hospital, nursing home, health club or food-related corporation, the best safeguard against a claim or allegation stemming from your professional services is your own Nutritionist and Dietitian Liability Insurance policy.

Your Personal Coverage

You may have employer-provided coverage, but in many cases, it doesn’t afford an adequate amount of protection for you personally if you are faced with defending yourself against a claim. A single claim can cost thousands of dollars, interrupt your course of work, and tarnish your reputation—even if you’re innocent.

This Professional Liability Insurance is designed exclusively for Dietitians and Nutrition Specialists. It covers defense costs and judgments or settlements that result from a claim against you, plus pays you for lost wages while defending a claim.

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