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American Physical Therapy Organization (APTO) Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance for Physical Therapists, endorsed by American Physical Therapy Organization (APTO)

Liability Insurance for Physical Therapists—Endorsed by the APTO

As a Physical Therapist, helping people live and move pain-free is your life’s work. Your expertise is instrumental in overcoming the difficulties brought on by injury or chronic illness through treatments and therapies exclusive of the niche you specialize in.

But, do you know that your work as a Physical Therapist puts you at risk? Unfortunately, the active, hands-on care you provide as a health care professional can lead to malpractice claims against you stemming from your treatments—even years after you’ve provided care.

You can protect yourself from the unexpected! Through the American Physical Therapy Organization (APTO), you have exclusive access to this personal Professional Liability Insurance for Physical Therapists, designed specifically for the work you do as a Physical Therapists.

Whether you practice as part of a team in a hospital or other facility, or as the sole practitioner in a private clinic, this personal Professional Liability Insurance for Physical Therapists provides you with substantial protection in that critical moment a claim is made against you—whether legitimate or not. It covers defense costs and judgments or settlements you’re liable for, as well as reimbursement for lost wages. It’s coverage no Physical Therapist should be without.

Coverage is available for professionals in the following Physical Therapy specialties, who are employed full or part-time or self-employed:

      • Art Therapists
      • Art Therapy Assistants
      • Athletic Trainers
      • Certified Fitness Trainers
      • Certified Personal Trainers
      • Dance Therapists
      • Dance Therapy Assistants
      • Massage Therapists
      • Music Therapists
      • Music Therapy Assistants
      • Occupational Therapists
      • Occupational Therapy Assistants
      • Physical Therapists
      • Recreational Therapists
      • Recreational Therapy Assistants
      • Professional Assistants in specialties


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