American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance

insurance for AMDA members

Professional Liability Insurance for AMDA Members

Just as the AMDA is dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting long-term care medicine, Lockton Affinity is committed to protecting the professional risks of the Medical Directors who make the AMDA what it is today.

Whether performing administrative and managerial tasks, ensuring person-centered care is delivered by health care teams or acting as attending physician, the dynamic responsibilities of Medical Directors mean more liabilities stemming from their authority.

That’s why AMDA partnered with Lockton Affinity to offer a single source for comprehensive, affordable Professional Liability Insurance for AMDA members, designed specifically for their insurance needs.

Coverage That Works for You

Relying on employer-provided insurance by a long-term care facility can result in serious gaps in coverage, as coverage can be inconsistent from one facility to the next. Some may cover only administrative duties and not patient care—others may exclude coverage for Medical Directors altogether. And you may risk being uninsured if a facility doesn’t offer extended reporting coverage for past claims if you terminate employment. The fact is, if you work for multiple long-term care facilities, having full coverage can be a real concern.

With your own personal Professional Liability Insurance policy, you are covered for all the work you do as a Medical Director—no matter where you work.

A Single Policy Customized for Your Needs

Coverage is available for administrative duties as well as patient care—with liability limits up to $3,000,000 aggregate per year. With this insurance, you tailor your coverage to fit how you practice. 

  • Our Basic Plan provides coverage for administrative services of the Medical Director
  • Optional coverage for Nursing Home Patient Care (Resident Care Services Liability)
  • Optional coverage for Private Practice Patient Care (Health Care Services Liability)
Superior Coverage from Partners You Can Count On

The AMDA-endorsed program is administered by Lockton Affinity, a firm specializing in Professional Liability Insurance programs for affinity groups and associations, and is underwritten by an insurance company rated “Excellent” by A.M. Best for financial strength and security.

Get a Free Quote & Dedicated Service from the only program endorsed by AMDA

If you’re a Medical Director without personal Professional Liability Insurance, now’s the time to protect your financial well-being with this essential insurance for AMDA members.

To apply, simply contact our AMDA-dedicated sales team at 888.554.2183. Or, if you prefer, download our application here and submit it via email or fax to 913.652.7599. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

(Coverage is not available in CT, IA, DE and OK)