What’s Covered by a Lockton Health Professional & Medical Liability Insurance Policy

Medical Liability Insurance Policy

Professional Liability Insurance is specialty insurance designed to cover individuals working in a professional capacity who earn a fee for their services. Like Home, Auto and Health Insurance, which provides the financial means to recover from unexpected occurrences on a personal level, Professional Liability Insurance provides financial security to practicing health care professionals on a

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As an advocate for the financial well-being of allied health care professionals, one of our goals is to provide beneficial information for the betterment of your career. We’ve posted a number of articles on the importance of Professional Liability Insurance in protecting your reputation and finances in the event an allegation of negligence is brought

Insurance gives us financial protection when misfortune happens. We rear-end someone and our auto insurance helps cover the damages. We get the flu and our health insurance pays part of the bill. One look at TV commercials and it’s obvious there are many auto and health insurance companies competing for our business. It’s when we’re

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As a practicing health care professional, your patient’s health and safety are in your hands. And because of the care standards established for your profession, you’re responsible for providing the best care possible in both clinical exercise and ethical conduct. Unfortunately, regardless of your work ethic and your commitment to provide excellent care to each

You’ve probably had experience buying insurance to protect your house or car from the perils of fire, theft or damage, and you most likely have Health Insurance to protect you from the financial burdens of injury or illness. Professional Liability Insurance protects your personal financial assets from the hazards you face as a medical or