Understanding the Professional Liability Claim Process: Part 1, License/Certification Scrutiny

Professional Liability Claim Process

The legal process is complex and can be difficult to understand. This series of articles is intended to give you a basic knowledge of the Professional Liability Claim process so that if you’re ever faced with a malpractice claim, you will be better equipped to handle the situation. Part 1: License/Certification Scrutiny Being named in

continuing medical educaiton

Becoming a physician, nurse or other health care specialist requires many years of education. But the learning doesn’t stop once a license and board certification have been earned and practice begins—learning continues by way of continued medical education, or CME. CME is crucial to the prosperity of health care providers—it allows a practitioner to learn

ways to combat job stress

It’s said that a little stress in the workplace helps to keep us motivated and determined to achieve good results. However, for some professions, excessive levels of stress are a common part of the job—with the health care industry standing out from many others. According to a study by the American Medical Association1, physicians and

Risks for Health Care Professionals

It’s an age-old question for medical professionals: How do you avoid being named in a malpractice lawsuit? The answer is simple – perform your job to perfection at every moment and everything will turn out just as you expect it to. The reality is that things are not this simple. Unfortunately, there is no perfect

As parents, we often take on the role of counselor as we engage in conversations with our growing children—with tween-aged children in particular. These adolescent years can be full of ups and downs… with puberty and peer pressures surfacing. Add in the fascination and usage of electronic gadgets and social media where messages are a

insurance for NBCC members

Lockton Affinity has partnered with an outstanding group of professional organizations to create Professional Liability Insurance programs for their members. One of these organizations is the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). Lockton’s partnership with NBCC began in 2004 and since then, the program has flourished as a first-rate benefit for National Certified Counselors, with

steps to avoid a malpractice claim

Malpractice lawsuits against physicians and other health care providers are no longer solely based on error in medical treatments. They’ve become more about how a patient feels they were treated—or mistreated—by the caregiver or health care facility. While this may seem irrational, it’s reality, and it’s also why health care professionals need to consider these

Professional Liability Insurance for Students

Embarking on a career in health care is an exciting time for any student. You’re thinking of the potential your future holds as you pursue a career in an admirable and prosperous industry, and the gratification you will receive from helping people in need. What you may not stop to consider is the potential risks

Medical Liability Insurance Policy

Professional Liability Insurance is specialty insurance designed to cover individuals working in a professional capacity who earn a fee for their services. Like Home, Auto and Health Insurance, which provides the financial means to recover from unexpected occurrences on a personal level, Professional Liability Insurance provides financial security to practicing health care professionals on a

Doctor with staff

As an advocate for the financial well-being of allied health care professionals, one of our goals is to provide beneficial information for the betterment of your career. We’ve posted a number of articles on the importance of Professional Liability Insurance in protecting your reputation and finances in the event an allegation of negligence is brought