What Determines Professional Liability Insurance Rates?

How Professional Liability Insurance Rates are Determined

If you are in the market to purchase Professional Liability Insurance, you’ll find there are quite a few options with varying coverage and costs. Coverage fact sheets are usually available from the insurance carrier or agent to help you compare policies and identify the differences between them. What’s not easily understood, though, is how insurance

Buying a Professional Liability Insurance policy is an essential component of working in health care, medical and wellness industries—in fact, many facilities and employers require one before you can begin work. No matter what health care niche you practice in, a Professional Liability policy will cover you if an allegation of negligence is brought against

Health Professional Liability Insurance is insurance coverage that’s made to protect professionals who provide medical services or give health- and wellness-related opinions as a means to earn a living. In today’s litigious society, going without this type of insurance can be a sure misstep. What are the chances of me getting sued? Even if you’re