The Importance of Continuous Professional Liability Insurance

As a responsible health professional, having continuous professional liability insurance throughout the duration of your career is an important way to protect you, your career and your livelihood. Most professional liability insurance policies are claims-made policies. This means your policy will only cover claims against you for incidents that occurred while the policy was active.

You’ve likely heard why assisted living nurses need Professional Liability Insurance. While additional insurance coverage may seem unnecessary and expensive, it is critical to protect yourself and your career. Professional Liability Insurance from Lockton Health is tailored specifically to meet the needs of AALNA members and coverage from Lockton Health is more affordable than you may

Common malpractice claims against radiologists

Advances in radiologic technology in recent years have led to an increase in the role of the radiologist related to patient care. Increasing numbers of legal claims against radiologists have naturally followed as radiologists take on additional responsibility for patient diagnoses. Based on recent statistics, 31% of radiologists can expect to be involved in a

The importance of medical documentation

One of the best defenses if you’re faced with a malpractice suit is comprehensive, professional and accurate patient records. In Implications of Altered Medical Records we discussed why it is so important that patients’ records be kept with integrity. Now we’ll look at what goes into proper documentation. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

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Altered medical records are never acceptable

Complete, detailed and accurate medical documentation is not only essential for patient care but also for defense in the event of a malpractice lawsuit. Every addition to patient records should be marked with the date and time that corresponds to the medical consultation or treatment being described. Any corrections should have their own date and

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Wound care potential liabilities

The need for care of chronic wounds, whether pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers or other non-healing wounds, is becoming more prevalent as the population ages. As with any aspect of patient care, wound care has specific liabilities for health care professionals associated with it. Best practices for care One vital aspect of wound care is to follow

improving medication accuracy

Medication errors are a common safety risk for patients, particularly those who are hospitalized. According to the Institute of Medicine’s 2006 Preventing Medication Errors report, the average hospitalized patient is subject to at least one medication error per day, of which 20 percent are believed to be harmful. These errors are more frequent in relation

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EMR software

As electronic medical records (EMR) software becomes ubiquitous in the medical field, there are increasing concerns about the effects of having a computer terminal in the exam room on interactions between health care providers and patients. A recent study from Northwestern University published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics found that doctors who use

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health and safety institute

Lockton Affinity has partnered with an outstanding group of professional organizations to create Professional Liability Insurance programs for their members. One of these organizations is the Health & Safety Institute, known as HSI. HSI is a world leader in emergency response, care and safety training and has achieved some astounding success in their 36 year

It’s very common for nurses to work long or rotating shifts, often at odd hours, which can lead to frequent sleepiness and fatigue. Getting insufficient sleep has many adverse effects on mood, job performance and motivation, and it can compromise your safety and that of your patients. While nothing can take the place of a

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